This is Me. I am She

Sensual. Sexual. Powerful. Feminine. There are so many different of facets of womanhood. To deny one of them is to deny them all. You can’t just wake up one day and say ‘I’m a grown woman.’ It’s a process that starts when you’re a young girl and gradually develops in your teens and twenties. You’ve got to go through some growing pains before you’re aware of the transition. Like a shy little child realizing she has a songbird-voice inside of her. Or the first time Clark Kent notices he’s not like the other kids. You too have superpowers. You have the ability to move mountains. To birth a nation. To end wars. Within that body you have the ability to love and be loved. And no matter what’s going on in your life or the world, you will be triumphant. We know all of this lives inside of us, but sometimes we forget.

It took a while for me to come into my own. I often felt like I had to choose one trait of womanhood like brains or loyalty and commit to that, not realizing that those other things like compassion and beauty mean something too. Even with the work that I do, I don’t always feel like that woman you see in photos. I slip in and out of character depending on the role I’m playing. But for this short film ‘SHE,’ shot in collaboration with KisforKinky, I came to realize that all of these different personas I’ve created actually do exist inside myself. The quiet girl remembering an intimate moment. The intellectual woman deeply involved reading a novel. That vivacious vixen dancing in the hallway. That’s all one person and she is me.

Writer and Director- Angel Jordan
Director of Photography- Paris McCoy
Makeup- Lindsey Calloway
Music -“Lost” by Luna Angel
Lingerie *in order of appearance*
H&M (similar)
Calvin Klein- Bra & Thong
Forever 21 – Corset & High-Rise Panties

Everything you see was created for women by women. Angel Jordan had a vision for the story and the rest of us helped that come to life. Paris McCoy did an amazing job capturing those breathtaking moments including my cat perched in the window. Angel and makeup artist Lindsey came up with these sultry beauty looks for the film. The music was provided by the wonderfully-talented Luna Angel. We knew that only her voice could go with such a gorgeous project. The lingerie featured in the piece was selected by myself and Angel after a long day of shopping. It’s not like we had a huge team or a machine behind the film. The names mentioned are exactly who worked on it. We wanted to create something iconic yet still attainable for ladies like us. Despite media criticism or what haters may say, we are all perfect in our own right. We did this to celebrate ourselves and in turn celebrate all women. We are mothers. We are daughters. We are leaders. We are followers. We are lovers. We are healers. We are superheroes.

With Love

SHE (Is Beautiful, Honest, Sexual, Loved, Liberated And Powerful) is part VI of VI in our Model Liberation x KisforKinky ‘SHE’ Collaboration

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