The Nikia Phoenix Podcast Ep. 3: Vaughn Dabney

Discovering who you are is no easy feat. Think of it like you’re Indiana Jones searching for the Holy Grail. Self discovery is literally an epic adventure with lots of supernatural disasters, evil henchmen chasing you, ghosts of your past haunting you, and finally finding your treasure. Thank goodness there are people like my friend Vaughn Dabney who want to guide you along the way.

A few months ago I had the honor of speaking with Vaughn for my podcast. At the time Vaughn had just released the second edition of his book Finding One: Finding One’s Self Amidst Societal Norms, Digital Life, and Pursing Goals and was about to embark on an intense cross country trip of self discovery.

Take a listen.

Since this was recorded, Vaughn did travel exploring the United States and Canada in his car. 65 days, 37 states, and 11,123 miles. Wow! Along the journey he camped, stayed in motels, hostels, and with family or friends. You can learn more about Mr. Dabney at

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