The Nikia Phoenix Podcast Ep. 2: Creating Iconic Beauty

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for the next episode of my podcast, you can breathe again. A few months ago I had the honor of hosting the first ever Black Girl Beautiful event in Los Angeles. The event featured pampering, shopping, and a dynamic conversation series with some real influencers in the beauty world including AJ Crimson, Felicia Leatherwood, Robbi Rogers, Lori Taylor Davis, and Autumn Moultrie. They are the black beauty glam squad AKA the debut dream team. Between them, they’ve rocked red carpet and photo shoot looks from Viola Davis to Issa Rae.

In this conversation called Creating Iconic Beauty moderated by my girl Shawanna Davis, we picked the brains of these magnificent artists to find out where they get their inspiration and how they keep creating the beauty looks we love to emulate. I knew then that the words spoken during those panel discussions needed to be share, so take a listen for yourself to Creating Iconic Beauty.

Thanks again to all these fantastic beauty geniuses AJ Crimson, Felicia Leatherwood, Robbi Rogers of The Real, Lori Taylor Davis of Smashbox Cosmetics, and Autumn Moultrie. Make sure you follow and support them because they really create images that keep inspiring all of us.

P.S. I also want to thank Smashbox Cosmetics, The Real, Lacoste, and Naturally Curly for sponsoring the inaugural Black Girl Beautiful in LA. Yes, we did that together! Check out the full recap at

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