Introducing Black Girl Beautiful

Every black woman has a story about not being able to find the right beauty products that work for her hair or skin. Kelly Rowland and models like Leomie Anderson and Nykhor Paul have all shared their horror stories about makeup artists doing them wrong and not investing in learned how to adorn our dark skin. Combine that with a lack of diversity in beauty campaigns and fashion and you have women of color feeling like we are unloved and unappreciated. But ladies, there is hope.

A few years ago, I had an idea. As you may or may not know, black women are the top spenders for beauty and hair products in the U.S. and we outspend on a major level. 80 percent more on makeup.and a whopping $7.5 billion dollars annually on beauty and hair. Products specifically geared toward African American and multicultural women are often relegated to their own section is the beauty aisle. We are left out of the mainstream conversation about beauty. After witnessing the success of other beauty events, I figured why not start one for the most powerful demographic in the country, black women.

Introducing Black Girl Beautiful, a beauty and shopping event for women of color. Think about a spa day with your girlfriends mixed in with some shopping at your favorite brand’s pop up boutique, one-on-one skin and hair consultations, and a conversation series with a few of the beauty industry’s influencers and experts. That’s exactly what this is. Black Girl Beautiful is a chance to celebrate you, because black girls deserve beauty love too. The first event kicks off Fall 2016 at Siren Studios in Los Angeles and will branch out to other cities soon. We’re taking this far beyond a simple event and making it a movement to encourage our village.

Please check out Black Girl Beautiful for inspiration, ticket info, and stay up to date on details about the event.


***This post has been updated to reflect a new date for the event from August 20 to October/November 2016.

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