How to Lay Your Baby Hairs

Let’s talk about baby hair for a second. They are definitely having a moment. Whether you’ve got natural coils, braids, or a sleek straight top knot, making sure your edges are laid is tré chic. But seriously, is it that important? The answer for some of us over here … YES!

Gelling and swooping the fine hair around your hairline is definitely not a new trend. It gained popularity in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. I mean, I think we all remember Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, JLo and of course the Queen of baby hair, Chili. Well, now with all the naturalistas around (yeeeesssss!), it has become a focal point once again.

I posted a poll on Twitter asking whether baby hair was important or not. Over the course of 2 days, 60% of people said yes, it was important and 40% of people said it wasn’t. Not a huge gap in opinions. so, I went ahead and tested it out on myself. I let my hair get unruly and didn’t do anything with my baby hair. Quite frankly, I looked disheveled. The next day I stuck with the unruly hair but as soon as I gelled and swooped my baby hair, I looked fresh and put together.


The question remains. Is baby hair important? Does it really make a difference? Well, I think it all boils down to personal preference. I say Lay them edges and Swoop those baby hairs! All you need is a toothbrush, some gel and a pomade/paste! So go head! Keep being the fabulous naturalista that you are, baby hairs or not!

Products used:
Eco styler gel
Venice Argania Edge & Texture Paste
Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel

Products we love:
DevaCurl Set Up & Above Versatile Styler
Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother
Free Your Mane Glimmer Pomade
Olive Miracle Silky Smooth Edges

Kaitlan Flowers is hair and beauty enthusiast. She lives in Southern California and is working toward becoming a super digital content creator.

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