Dear Fairy Model Mother: Should I Be Instagram Famous To Get Work?

Hello lovelies! I do my best to give you words that are helpful and encouraging. Today’s column will require a lick of salt and a bite of lemon. If you’re not ready, then you’d better get there. The train is leaving, honey. I want to talk to you about the phenomenon called Instagram models. Just go to the app, type in #model or #modellife and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Guys flexing their abs, chicks with boob jobs and long weave, and everyone making their best duck face. Out of the thousands to millions of posts, how many of them would be considered real models? Compare those photos to ones on an actual model’s account like Jourdan Dunn or Doutzen Kroes. Look past the number of followers and the however many likes some of the pictures have. You see the difference? If you can’t herein lies the problem. You can’t just decide one day, grab your phone, snap some selfies in your undies and claim that you’re a model. Yes, I said it.

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Dear Fairy Model Mother: How Much Makeup Should I Wear to An Audition?

Hello lovelies! It’s your Fairy Model Mother here with a little dose of sugar, spice, and advice. This topic stems from a conversation I was just having with a young model-actress who’s really blowing up. Here’s the scene…
A bunch of girlfriends and I were breaking a sweat on a morning walk. Hot, young model mentioned she had an audition right after our walk. We all wished her luck and I said “Well it shouldn’t take you that long to get ready. It’s not like you need to wear any makeup to this audition.” Then this clear-skinned PYT looks at me with all seriousness and says… ready for it…”Yes I do.” Another fellow model-actress and I looked at her with pure astonishment. Ahem. What?

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Dear Fairy Model Mother: Is My Height Holding Me Back?

Hello lovelies! It’s your Fairy Model Mother here. Long time no see. Don’t take it personally. It’s purely my fault that I’ve been M.I.A. But I’m back with some much needed advice. Today’s question comes from Ticia, a 20-something Brooklyn girl who’s concerned about being vertically challenged. Here’s what she has to say:
I am deeply interested in becoming a “commercial” model (mostly due to height, I’m 5’8″). Do you have any advice on how to get started and how to find the right agency in New York City? It seems that all the agencies I’ve come across have a height requirement I don’t fit into – should I try my luck anyway? I don’t mind having doors slammed in my face in the pursuit of something I really want, I just want to make sure I am going in the right direction.

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Dear Fairy Model Mother: My Agency Is MIA!

Hello lovelies! I received a message via twitter just days ago from a very nervous model named Tahira. She lives in Georgia, but wants to make the move to the Big Apple. Here’s what she says:

“Hi Nikia! I was wondering if I could get some modelling advice from you. I signed a contract with this boutique agency in NY that my photographer friend recommended. Although my living arrangements for NY turned wacky they were still keeping in constant contact with me. Setting up test shoots near my location and so forth. Now, it’s been almost a month and I have not been able to reach them at all. What should I do?”

Uh oh! Looks like your agents have gone rogue. Fairy Model Mother is on the job.

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Making a Name For Yourself Without Being a B****

You’re a no-nonsense go-getter in a cut throat kind of world. You’ve got the looks and the drive to make you a force to be reckoned with. People are going to know that you’re a fierce model before you even meet them. But maybe your reputation proceeds you in a very negative way. Between your stint on a reality show and the smack-talking on social networks, working with you may be more of a liability than an asset. There are ways to make your claim to fame without getting a bad rap, so let’s get to it.

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Dear Fairy Model Mother: I’ve Got So Many Questions

Hello lovelies! Lately I’ve been receiving lots of messages concerning the basics of the modeling industry. It can be overwhelming, but I’m definitely here to help. Today’s question comes from a divine fashionista by the name of Michaeline. She says:

“I was wondering how your overall experience has been modeling? Does it pay well? Are you good at taking photos or you learned as you went? Is modeling your full time career? After you got discovered how did you continue with modeling? What size were when you started? How is it having natural short hair in the industry? Sorry for so many questions I’m hoping to start applying to various agencies in about a month, I want to clear up my face and tone up 1st (btw is that smart?) and I just wanted to hear your first hand opinion!”

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