Reveal the True You w/ Almay

Makeup isn’t about covering up. Like many women, I know this firsthand. I remember being introduced to makeup as a teen and trying on foundation for the first time. Because I wanted so badly to cover my freckles, I figured heavy foundation was the way to go. So I tried. But layer after layer I could still see those brown spots peaking through. No matter what, I couldn’t hide who I am. Makeup isn’t a tool to mask your identity. It’s about bringing out who you really are.

My story resonates with so many women and young girls, because at one time or another we’ve wanted to hide. We have hoped makeup would mask our flaws and imperfections. But who says that who you are is imperfect? Who says you’re flawed?

That’s why it is such an honor to partner with Almay on the Reveal the True You campaign. Along with girl powerhouses Nadia Aboulhosn, Chachi Gonzales, and Wendy Nguyen, we are sharing this message of self love and celebration.

Years after those failed attempts at packing on the foundation, I know who I am. I embrace me with open arms and an open heart. My beauty is unapologetic. Why hide who you really are? Learn more about the Almay campaign and reveal the true you.


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